Nursing Courses in Bihar

Nursing Courses in Bihar

The demand for nursing courses in Bihar has increased extremely with the development of medical facilities in India. There is always an ever-increasing demand for trained nurses in government and private healthcare institutions. Each nursing college in Bihar provides a Bachelor of Science in nursing course with four-year duration. There are several government colleges in Bihar and some of the best medical colleges provide nursing courses such as B.Sc. Nursing, G.N.M., and A.N.M.

FAQ About Nursing Course in Bihar

The nursing course is a four-year undergraduate course. Nursing is to exemplify competency in the knowledge and skills in offering comprehensive nursing care based on the problem-solving approach in the hospital and community. The eligibility guideline for pursuing nursing courses in Bihar is the successful completion of 12th standard education in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The degree obtained in B.Sc. nursing in Bihar is extensively accepted throughout the globe. The aim of B.Sc. nursing career options includes employment in areas such as:
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Clinics and health departments
  • Railways and defense

After the successful completion of the nursing courses in Bihar, the candidates are trained in managing the different aspects of the nursing profession. They are qualified as professional nurses who through their skills and capabilities obtain competence to take up research programs such as Ph.D. in the field of nursing administration.

Moreover, a diploma in nursing opens up lucrative opportunities in the field of nursing in private and government institutions. They also have opportunities in nursing homes, medical writing, administration and health care centers wherein they can work as Nursing Assistant, Infection Control Nurse, Nursing In-charge, Head Nursing Services and many more.

RBC Paramedical College is one of the best colleges for nursing courses in Bihar. It provides quality education in addition to extracurricular activities. It has a vast platform for Nursing and paramedical where students can get job in Government hospitals and also work as a certified trainer. This college provides 100% placements in India as well as outside India. The students can able to carry out the following activities:

  • Several Laboratory tests independently without error curative procedures with precision so as to help the clinicians in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Manage Laboratories and units confidently with significant knowledge to handle, operate and take care of several equipments, instruments and materials utilized.
  • They can evolve expertise to conduct several tests and to interpret the results.

You need to fulfill the following requirements for taking admission in nursing courses in Bihar:

  • You must be 17 years of age for admission.
  • The list of nursing colleges in Bihar needs that applicants must have completed 12th in science with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • The government and a private nursing college in Bihar require that candidates doing nursing should have patience.
  • After the completion of the course, candidates can look for a job in top hospitals such as Apollo Group, AIIMS, and many more.

The best city to do a nursing course in Bihar is Patna. Bihar Institute of Nursing and Paramedical, Patna is one of the top nursing schools in Bihar recognized by the Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi and approved by Health Dept., Govt. of Bihar, Patna.

B.Sc nursing in Bihar is a 4-year course which is recognized by the Indian Nursing Council. It focal point on reinstating health and give care to the sick. It is a great career option for those planning to go for higher studies better their prospects.

Student Testimonials

  • “I had never been exposed to know about the different courses by my school/family. RPC Paramedical College cultivated me in all aspects and made humorous start which warmed up the crowd. The knowledge of counseling and motivation towards paramedical healthcare course, which was explained, that I could select diploma in radiology and imaging technology course “. That established trust


  • One of the best nursing college in Bihar. College is well equipped with highly qualified faculty. I can simply say that this college is a boon for people residing in Jamui and nearby.

    Soni Supriya

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