Difference between Government & Private Nursing Colleges (1)

Difference between Government & Private Nursing Colleges

Selecting a nursing college is one of the toughest & the most important decisions for the students because they have a huge impact on the job prospects and future growth. A public nursing college is funded by the government and a private nursing college is funded by a private group or individual. Here are some parameters that differentiate Government nursing colleges from private nursing colleges:
1. Funds: Private nursing colleges and government nursing colleges obtain funds from different sources. The government nursing colleges are funded by the state government and private nursing colleges do not get any funds from state government and rely mostly on tuition fees gathered from students & other private contributions.
2. Tuition fee: The amount of tuition fee paid by the students depends on how the college is funded. In most government nursing colleges, tuition fees charged from the students on the basis of several quotas, incentives, and reservations for different sectors of the society. Most of the operating cost for government nursing colleges is paid by the government because these colleges are funded and run by the government.
In a private nursing college, the students need to pay the tuition fee in a year is decided by the upper management of the institution. The operating cost of these colleges depends on tuition fees and donations. Thus, the tuition fee charged from the students is also very high as compared to government nursing colleges.
3. Infrastructure: In government nursing colleges, there are ill-equipped labs and a lack of modern technology, so the quality of education provided to a student is hampered.
But private nursing colleges are equipped with up to date and good quality infrastructure, smart classrooms and projectors, and many more.
4. Quality of teaching: The quality of teaching provided by an institution depends on the teachers. The selection criteria for faculty in a government nursing college is basically very tough, only highly qualified teachers are selected and appointed. The other problems faced by students studying in government nursing colleges are that the faculty is not adequately staffed & well directed.
Private nursing colleges have more qualified faculty with great experience and more sophisticated studying method. The projectors and smart classrooms add to the quality of teaching in private nursing colleges.
5. Class size: One of the main differences between a government nursing college and a private nursing college is the class size. The private nursing colleges have a comparatively smaller class size that allow the teacher to pay special attention to every student but government nursing colleges have larger class size in a single class.
Hence, a weak student may not get the special attention that he/she needs. The students in private nursing colleges are able to build a stronger and personal relationship with their teachers but it is not in the government nursing colleges.
6. Placements: This is the most important parameter taken into consideration while selecting a government nursing college and a private nursing college. The placement scenario of the colleges depends on the following two things:
  • Goodwill: Goodwill created by the government nursing colleges is very good and are better recognized by employers than small private nursing colleges. Many companies visit government nursing colleges for placements and students are selected in some of the hospitals, clinics at a good salary package.
    But the private nursing colleges except for the top renowned private nursing colleges, placements provide to students are usually of satisfactory packages. The private nursing colleges tie-up with MNCs and other big companies, hospitals for placements.
  • Alumni Network: The alumni network created by any college plays a very important role in the increase or decrease of the goodwill of a college. It is advisable for students to analyze and study the past placement records of the college before enrolment.

Final thoughts

The government job opportunity lies in students’ hard work that they provide to attain them. Many candidates from private nursing colleges also work in government projects by their intellectual efforts.

Some government nursing colleges offer scholarships to the candidates based on student’s performance. The job prospects after studying from both government and private nursing colleges are the same. The job placements are purely based on the performance of the students in the test or in the interview rounds.

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